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Eyelash Extensions-  
We use the best eyelash extensions and they can be as full or as natural as desired. We offer two different styles of lashes. The EvaLash extensions or the single Lavish Lash Extensions. The Evalash come in two or four lash and the Lavish Lash are single lash. The time for the application for the Evalash is considerably shorter therefore the cost is a little less. A full application of Evalash extensions is an hour and the full lash extension for Lavish Lashes is 2-3 hours. Touchups are required to maintain the beautiful full look of your extensions. These touch ups are done between 2-3 weeks. To keep your lashes looking great we ask you don't pick or try to remove these lashes yourself as you risk possible permanent eyelash lose, infection and irritation. We can schedule you for removal at your request or if an allergic reaction occurs from the eyelash adhesive. This is professional adhesive and will need to be removed by a professional.